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Radio Shows on Punk Rock Demonstration

* All times are Pacific.

  • Dying Scene Radio
    The official podcast of the music/news website, DyingScene.com. Hosted by Bobby Pickles and a revolving, ragtag cast of misfits (i.e., Elena Venetia, Chris Fox, etc.), morons (i.e., TONE LO-KI, Piazza, etc.), and musicians - the show premiers new music, covers all the latest headlines, and features band spotlight interviews (notable guests have included: Ben Weasel, Cock Sparrer, Frank Turner, Fletcher Dragge, Gavin McInnes (co-founder/Vice), Millencolin, and Face to Face.
    Broadcasts new shows every Saturday 2PM-4:30PM. http://www.dyingsceneradio.com
  • Friday Night Rock Show
    The best of oi/punk/rock/metal and indie music on planet earth with featured artists and interviews hosted by Neil McIvor.
    Broadcasts new shows every Friday 1PM-4PM and 9AM-12PM. http://www.njmstudio.com
  • The Moxie Rebellion, caffeine not working? Lack of Motivation? Then we have just what you need! tune in for The Moxie Rebellion and experience the fun addictive rush for yourself! Hosted by Diggy Kat.
    Broadcasts new shows every Thursday 1PM-2PM. http://www.facebook.com/diggykat
  • Punk Rock 
    A two hour punk rock show with music and interviews of various punk rock bands hosted by Jack.
    Broadcasts new shows every Monday 7PM-9PM and every Tuesday 7AM-9AM. http://www.punkrockdemo.com
  • Tony 
Jones Show
    The best in Punk/Psychobilly/Rockabilly/Surf/Garage/unsigned bands and much much more... Hosted by Tony Jones.
    Broadcasts new shows every Saturday 1PM-2PM. http://www.cretinradio.com

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