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April 2016 Featured Band

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Borderline Society

Borderline Society

I. YOU. THEY. WE. BORDERLINE SOCIETY! This pretty much sums up the band's state of mind. We're all part of a fucked up society without a chance to esacpe but that doesn't mean, that you have to like it. Inspired by greats like Social Distortion, Ramones but also Johnny Cash, Borderline Society are committed to punkrock, but with an attitude. Their songs twist and turn between gloomy fatalitism ("Finally 1984"), self-ironic fool stories ("Mistake #1") and moral-busting hymns for those, who are as deranged as the band itself ("Middlefinger Reggae" , "We're still around"). As there is more than one side to a borderline person, the band name is not only reffering to the disease but also a wink to their hometown Aachen, the most western town of Germany. Talking about growing up with borders.

Even though around for a while, they only started playing live at the end of 2011, where their first official show ever brought them right up to the "Musikbunker (MuBu) Aachen". They also jam packed Germany's oldest rock bar "Schlüsselloch" and - social anxiety my *** - even crossed borders already to play in Luxemburg.

Sven Claer just took over the job on the drums and we will work out some shows this year with him. Sven is really a nice guy who lives the punkrock way and loves music the most. He is very talented and Mike and me are very happy that he had joined us. His input into our music is remarkable and he pushes the songs in a very special way.

Besides this we are recording our DIY-album and we are really happy that we are going to release this baby at some point of time in 2016! And of course you will be one of the first ones to get the chance listening to it! It will contain some of our old songs which were already represented on our demo and another seven new ones.

Started: 2006

Mike Misfit - Vocals/Bass
Mac Sicko - Guitar
Sven Claer - Drums

Location: Aachen, Germany

Influences: Ramones, Social Distortion, Cock sparrer. Classic Punk stuff.

Sounds Like: Make your own decision

Next Shows: In May we will have a show in Aachen at the Wild Rover. There will be also a gig in cologne this year which is not settled yet. And then on 1st of October we will have a big show in Aachen again when we will celebrate our 10-Year Anniversary of Borderline Society. We will play at the Musikbunker where 400+ people fit in. So making this big thing even bigger we will invite the who is who of the local music scene to make the biggest Punkrock-Party of the year here in Aachen. In order to this we will make this a Punkrock-festival with 4 to 5 bands.

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