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Never Say Never - Hymns Of Hate

by Jack at 5:00AM, March 7th, 2011
neversaynever 1. A Tear of Hate
2. Run For Your Lives
3. Vermin of the Streets
4. Ballz Out
5. Dying World
6. No Room For Us
7. Ashes of Society
8. Thrash of the Titans
9. Iron Soul
10. Blood Runs Red

Listening to the older Never Say Never and the new album "Hymns of Hate", I noticed a more mature sound, much like an evolution of newbie punk rock with shouty punk rock vocals evoling in to a more synchronized and accurate kind of shouty punk rock with a hint of melody to balance it out. Unlike the older stuff from Never Say Never, this new album has more of a metal touch along with a lot more beat. When I first looked at the CD, I thought it was going to be about hate, however, it actually turned out to be an expression of anger rather than hate itself. What I will say is the cd gets better as the track number increases on your cd player, which is always a plus as it could always be ther other way around! As a bonus, the cover art looks cool and there's a bonus track at the end. I personally hate bonus tracks that don't show their signs that there is one in the cd information somewhere but that's because I like to catalog everything, however, it's a cool cover song that's done pretty well so I'll tolerate it. Another note about the cover art, I never knew mohawks could be made of bones but hey, it's quite a colorful cover filled with colorful songs.

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